Behind The Mask: Meet Martha Hunt

Behind The Mask: Meet Martha Hunt

Meet Martha Hunt, the inspiring role model and founder of Inégal who  is using her platform to amplify the voices of people and causes in need. 


Martha Hunt


Model, founder of Inégal

What is the mission of Inégal? 

Inégal is an inclusive brand that looks to empower those overcoming personal challenges, or finding power in their limitations.  Fashion trends come and go, but an item that speaks to you personally is timeless!  We aim to amplify the voices of various causes in need.

Why were you motivated/ inspired to start Inégal?

Inégal has been an idea for years ever since I collaborated on a jewelry collection to support a scoliosis support group.  I felt a responsibility to represent scoliosis because there weren’t public figures speaking about it when I was diagnosed with the condition.  The name means “uneven” in French, and many people with scoliosis are familiar with that adjective, since having an uneven spine creates symptoms like an uneven waistline, hips, shoulders, and so on.  I wanted to create a brand that gave back, and made people feel empowered while wearing it.

How has your journey with Scoliosis influenced your career? 

The physical signs of scoliosis created some challenges early on in my career.  I knew not to take things personally when designers would point out discrepancies in my measurements or point out my back scar.  Although having scoliosis affected my confidence, it eventually motivated me to become more disciplined.  I started doing regular yoga and workouts to strengthen my body, which later gave me an advantage when my career took off.  I turned my personal weakness into a strength.

Finish this sentence “I mask up for…” 

I mask up for my fellow New Yorkers!

 Finish this sentence “Masking up makes me feel…”

Masking up makes me feel powerful and compassionate!

What is one Mask Fact you learned and wish everyone knew 

Many commercial masks on the market are pre-treated with chemicals that aren’t suitable for sensitive skin.  I like that barriere masks are hypoallergenic and breathable to help prevent breakouts.

What is your approach to mask style? 

 I either match masks to my outfits or if I’m feeling playful, I’ll throw on a bold pattern to mix things up!

What will you do in your next normal? 

Hopefully stick to a bit of a slower pace, and not take shared moments with loved ones for granted.

What has the silver lining of quarantine been for you? 

The silver lining has been appreciating more stillness in my life, and finding a deeper understanding of what drives me outside of work.  Launching Inégal was a start!

What is your favorite barrière mask? tie dye multi pack!

The burgundy tie dye mask from the tie dye multi pack!

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